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Our Radar Speed Gun range:

Basic range - for domestic / leisure / sport radar speed guns

Sports Radar Speed GunsWe have two models of basic hand held Sports Radar Speed Guns, the SRA3000 and SR3600. Each is designed to be used to measure speeds produced by objects such as footballs, hockey balls, tennis balls, cricket balls, cycles and track athletes, also golf & baseball swing speeds, car and motorbike racing speeds and much more, even racehorse speeds. The SRA3600 can be supplied stand alone, or in kit form together which includes a 4” or 8” LED display all contained in a hard case for protection and durability. These models are perfect also for Community Speedwatch teams and are sold in various kits in carry bags or cases, whilst offering a low cost highly accurate level of recording. Some of the uses of our gear:- - in Channel 4’s “Famous and Fearless”, - in the Mercedes Advertisement “The Catch” and at the UEFA Champions League Festival in Hyde Park with various advertising companies.

Commercial directional hand held radar speed guns

Commercial Speed Radar Guns from Speedgun.netThe commercial range of hand help speed guns is used for traffic speed management - an issue facing many organisations. We at RoadTech Speed Gun can offer you equipment to provide solutions for most logistical speed scenarios. Directional speed guns will record speeds of objects moving in both directions, facing (approaching) the gun or leaving (going away from) the gun. They are higher powered than the basic units which means they can operate at a greater range distance. They offer a choice of display of MPH or KPH. Site vehicular speed limits can be observed at long range and can even be displayed on portable displays as a warning. The hand held devices can be tripod mounted for continuous operation, and special models are available for 24 hour recordings of site speeds for audit and recording surveys - once set up, operating independently of site operatives.

Industrial business range

Railway Speed Radar Gun from Speedgun.netThe top of range of hand held speed gun is the RM "Railmaster" version designed specifically for monitoring railway / railtrack traffic speeds, but is also perfect for everyday applications requiring precise readings accurate to a decimal point. Monitoring speeds of engines on the open track or control of speeds in marshalling yards for Health & Safety regulations. An ideal aid for Health and Safety monitoring of permissible speeds for most business applications. Features include: - low-speed and high-speed ranges, - sensitivity to one decimal point – long distance range control. We have a full range of radar guns for monitoring all traffic speeds from 1mph to 295 mph (or 1.6 - 475 kph).

Specialist applications

Surface Velocity Radar Speed Gun from Speedgun.netThe SVR is a hand held speed gun specifically for measuring the surface velocity of water, for example river flow speed. Our device enables the user to measure surface velocity from a stationary position on the river bank or bridge. It provides for automatic correction for the angle at which the unit is pointed to the water flow. Hydrologists can quickly and safely determine the surface velocity of water during emergency conditions. Using historically profiled cross-sections of rivers and discharge rates, hydrologists can use the portable handheld SVR to easily and efficiently obtain real-time data to estimate the water discharge rates during high risk flooding and in mud -lide areas in order to make scientific decisions to alert authorities.

From the same specialist range: The LS is a special range from 5mph for use in forklift industrial areas. The PVP model Polaris VP is a special speed gun adapted for the jet ski/snowmobile/boat/watercraft market. The PS model VP is a special radar speed gun for baseball pitching & games. - It can come in a number of colours:-

Polaris Radar Speed Gun from Speedgun.net