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Our Radar Speed Display range:

What do you want to measure - and show - the speed of?

Human runners, javelins, dogs , horses , bears and even lions and tigers? Yes, we have done them all, and we have various sizes of display to assist you!

Speed displays for tripods - pole fixing - barrow mounted-trailer mounted

Displays for Radar Guns

Speed Radar Gun DisplaysWe supply displays in several sizes for connection to radar speed guns and for various applications.

  • They range from 4” to 18” and are powered by 9v to 18v DC, plug in mains power packs, or portable battery boxes.
  • Those for “domestic” show characters in sizes 4” or 8” tall.
  • Models for commercial operation have characters 12“ or 18” high suitable for long distance viewing .
  • The signs are also available with internally fitted radar sensors for stand-alone operation.
Speed Radar Displays and Guns

Displays for Pole Mounting

Pole Mounted Speed Radar DisplayPole fixing signs are available in 2 versions, either vandal proof heavy duty enclosures or as 2-part sections.

Barrow Mounted

Barrow mounted speed radar displayBarrow mounted 18” display signs are suitable for different site locations and with internal battery power sources can be moved by one person in minutes to different places or to point in different directions. With an optional plug in recorder, data on all passing traffic speeds can be captured for later analysis.

Trailer Mounted Displays

Trailer mounted speed radar displayTrailer mounted sign for commercial traffic safety warning with the higher display at eyesight for drivers. The trailer has a small footprint and has a heavy-duty battery supply and solar panel power.

Speed Radar Display in Indoor Sprint Track