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Radar Speed Gun Essentials

That most suppliers do not stock or know about

Transport Cases - with foam cut outs for equipment protection

Set of cases for Speegun Kits Cases for Spedguns Speedgun Kit Cases are available in hard or soft plastic with foam inserts pre-cut to fit whichever item needs protection.

Soft nylon padded carry bags with shoulder straps and cloth bags are available for most equipment.

Adjustable Tripods - to fit radar guns and displays

Tripod 1 for Speedgun.netTripod 2 for Speedgun.netTripod 3 for Speedgun.netTripod 4 for Speedgun.netSeven different types of tripod stands, 3 of the standard range in different heights from 1.05M to 1.25M for or speed gun mounting . Larger tripods are available for mounting of the larger displays from 8 to 18 ( if room ? - Specialist tripods and fixings are available to mount the radar guns with the 6.4mm screw fitting).

Tuning Forks - speed stamped with or without certificates

Set 1 of Speedgun Tuning Forks Set 3 of Speedgun Tuning ForksSet 2 of Speedgun Tuning Forks.jpgTuning forks are for checking radar guns correct display prior to daily operation. The standard range is from 15 mph to to 110mph with alternatives for KPH, the fork is stamped with the frequency along with the speed. The forks are available in 3 different bands:  X , K and KA.

Annual Certification tests on radar equipment Test Test and Certification GearConfirmation that the radar gun or radar antennae is operating to the manufacturers specifications with test certification to traceable QUALITY control standards on an annual basis. Suitable for our customers company ISO audit process by electronic equipment diagnosis and testing.

(RODust is the part of our company which does testing on various types of equipment)

If it works with your speedgun, we have it

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